5 Places To Ski Near Gettysburg Pa.

January 5th, 2009 | Posted in Battlefield Sites, Day Trips, Elsewhere, Gettysburg, Recreation, Small Towns

It’s January and while you’re busy thinking about Nathan Bedford Forrest and the revenge of the South, everyone else is thinking about ski bunnies and beginner slopes. Welcome to Gettysburg, Pa. Did you know there are 5 places to ski near the most famous battlefield on earth?

Yes, I know. You come to Gettysburg for one reason and one reason only. Little Round Top. No problem. Did you know you can ski Round Top? I’m not talking about the famous battle location. I’m talking about one of the five places around Gettysburg that you can ski and it’s called Ski Round Top.

But if you really want closeness just swing around the corner and ride the slopes at Ski Liberty. Just outside of Gettysburg, Ski Liberty has 16 ski slopes. A lot of them are for beginners.

The aforementioned Round Top is located in Lewisberry, Pa., right in the heart of York County, not much further than Ski Liberty.

Whitetail is just north of the Maryland state line, about 1.5 hours southeast of Harrisburg off I-81. A little further to the east, off Pennsylvania Turnpike, is Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Located in Hidden Valley, Pa., this resort is perfect for a winter vacation, and it’s close enough to take that day trip to see the battlefield.

Finally, Seven Springs Mountain Resort is just 1 hour west of Pittsburgh, which means its darn close to Gettysburg. In just a couple of hours, give or take, you can be back in Gettysburg and gawking at every inch of the battlefield that you want to see. And it’s all in a days drive.

If skiing is your thing, and it should be, don’t forget about Gettysburg. You can ski and drive the battlefield in the same weekend.

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