Visitors To The New Gettysburg Visitor Center Will Pay

October 2nd, 2008 | Posted in Arts, Battlefield Sites, Gettysburg, Museums, Tours

In April this year, Gettysburg saw the opening of its brand new visitor center and museum. It’s a real beauty. It cost $103 million to build and admission has been free – until now.

Starting today, if you want to visit the new visitor center and museum then you’ll have to pay to see some of its features. Those specific parts of the center that involve an admission fee are:

  • The center’s Cyclorama painting
  • A 22-minute film about Gettysburg
  • An artifact museum

The rest of the visitor center’s attractions, including the historic Gettysburg battlefield, are still free to the public.

Admission to each of the three amenities is $7.50. That’s each. But certain discounts do apply:

  • Tickets are $5.50 for youth ages 6-18
  • Admission is $6.50 for military personnel and seniors
  • Group discounts for 16 people or more are available
  • Multi-day passes are available on discount
  • And annual passes are also being offered

Does this mean that visitors to Gettysburg should not tour the center and museum. Absolutely not. The complex is still a great attraction and you’ll really enjoy yourself.


  1. 1
    Dru Anne Neil // October 2nd, 2008 at 11:51 am

    Thanks for the comments about the new Museum and Visitor Center. I just wanted to clarify one item–the $7.50 charge for adults includes ALL three venues: museum, Cyclorama and film; it’s not $7.50 for each! (Children ages 6-18 are $5.50 and seniors and military are $6.50).
    Dru Anne Neil
    Director of Communications and Marketing
    Gettysbur Foundation

  2. 2
    The Gettysburg Tramp // October 3rd, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Thanks for clarifying!

  3. 3
    Rich // October 22nd, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    I hope that they have to close there doors in 3 months. I have been a resident of gettysburg now for 6 years. I have been visiting gettysburg now for 22 and never in my life did I think I would see this. If you could not pay for it in the first place you should not have built it. How many teenagers are going to waste 7.50 to see what should be free when gas it 4.00 a gallon….history should be free as we were promised….without it these kids are bound to repeat it….

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