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York County Connects With Maryland Via Bus Service

February 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Day Trips, Maryland, Public Service Messages, York County, baltimore, washington d.c.

York County’s public transportation system is linking up with Maryland public transportation using Rabbit Transit, the York County bus system. The scheduled route will run six times a day and take passengers to the Maryland light rail system. According to news sources, the scheduled bus runs are designed for commuters who live in York County and work in Baltimore and D.C. But I see no reason why tourists can’t take advantage of the service as well.

Trips cost $5 one way. That’s a huge savings though considering that gas prices are approaching $2 per gallon again. It will cost you more than in fuel to drive from York to Baltimore.

Visitors to Gettysburg can drive to the Rabbit Transit office or find a Rabbit Transit bus stop and take the bus to Maryland, hop the light rail system into Baltimore or Washington D.C. and enjoy a day trip to two of the Northeast’s biggest tourist attractions.

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Is York County Becoming Marylandized? What About Adams County?

October 14th, 2008 | Posted in Adams County, Maryland, Pennsylvania, York County

According to Daniel Klotz, a Lancaster County resident, York County is becoming “Marylandized”. What exactly does that mean?

I think what he means is that there has been an influx of Marylanders migrating north to Pennsylvania, primarily York and Adams counties, mainly due to Carroll County’s moratorium on new housing starts. But also because the economy allowed it. Remember, before gas prices shot up, people could afford the commute south to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Now they can’t. In fact, they are selling their SUVs. And you can bet that fewer people are buying houses north of the state line.

As Klotz rightly points out, the more mountains then the more sparse the population. That’s probably why Adams and York counties are the least populated – though fastest growing – counties in the state. But what does this have to do with tourism? Well, nothing, really. But if you’re visiting Adams County any time soon you can leave thanking your lucky stars you don’t live here even if you DID enjoy your 400th trip to the most famous battlefield on earth.

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Nearest Cities To Gettysburg, Pa.

July 31st, 2008 | Posted in Arendtsville, Biglerville, Day Trips, Gettysburg, Maryland, York County

Two of Gettysburg’s nearest cities with a population more than 50,000 are in Maryland. Frederick, Maryland is the nearest with more than 50,000 and Baltimore, Maryland is the nearest city with more than 200,000 residents. The nearest city with more than 1,000,000 residents is Philadelphia and it’s 144 miles.

Nearby small towns include Biglerville, just seven miles away, Arendtsville, which is almost eight miles, and York, Pa., a good half hour drive. There’s plenty to do here.

Arendtsville is where the annual Apple Blossom Festival takes place. Biglerville is the home of the Apple Museum. And, of course, York has its own historical flavor. Baltimore and Philadelphia likely need no introduction. There is plenty to do in both cities and each has its own historical and cultural significance. What I mean is, fun is just a day drive away. But if you don’t feel like driving, you can always get in trouble in Gettysburg.

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7 Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

June 27th, 2008 | Posted in Arts, Day Trips, Maryland, Museums, Restaurants, Shopping, Tours

Travel – Eat – Sleep had a great blog post recently on things to do in Baltimore, Maryland. Of course, Baltimore is just a couple of hour drive from Gettysburg and so it makes a great day trip. I’ve talked about day trips to Baltimore before. But I like these suggestions:

  • Lexington Market – Truly a site to see, this is the country’s longest running market. Historic and cultural. Don’t miss it.
  • St. Mary’s Park – One of nature’s many blessings.
  • Washington Monument – Didn’t know Baltimore had a Washington Monument? Well, now you do. Check it out.
  • Mount Vernon Park – Home of the Washington Monument.
  • Walters Art Gallery – Statues, paintings, displays of knights’ armor … there is no gallery like it.
  • Maryland Science Center – Worth a trip just to see the giant dinosaur out front.
  • The Light Rail – Of course, Baltimore has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. And why you want to drive?
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Coming Soon: The Vintage Lounge At Gettysburg

June 23rd, 2008 | Posted in Business, Gettysburg, History, Maryland, People

The Gettysburg Blog welcomes our newest sponsor: J.R. Treasure aka The Vintage Lounge.

J.R. Treasure has set up shop at Markets of Gettysburg on Biglerville Road, but his warehouse – the big one – is located in Thurmont, Maryland. Run by a military chaplain, James R. Hamilton, The Vintage Lounge is a real treat to anyone who collects memorabilia, records, books, magazines, or relics.

You’ll see the sponsorship ad for J.R. Treasure on the right side of the blog along with all the others, but Hamilton will soon have his ad linked to an online contact page aptly named The Vintage Lounge. Coming Soon: (Now Live).

The Vintage Lounge is a way for local Gettysburg residents, visitors to Gettysburg Pennsylvania, and vintage collectors to find Hamilton’s store and huge collection of hard to find items. He literally has 20,000 records and a large selection of collectible books and magazines along with other hard-to-find items. Keep a lookout for The Vintage Lounge, coming soon to Gettysburg Blog.

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My Day Trip To Baltimore

June 10th, 2008 | Posted in Business, Day Trips, History, Maryland

Among the many things Baltimore is famous for is that this is the place Edgar Allan Poe, the famous (or infamous) American poet and short story writer, died. It was a very mysterious death, the cause of which is still unknown. And Baltimore has a great Edgar Allan Poe museum that you can visit as well.

Baltimore is just a couple hour drive away, but it’s just as quick to take the train, provided that you don’t mind driving to Owings Mills, Maryland first. That’s as far north as the Metro will go, but if you drive to Owings Mills from Gettysburg (about an hour-and-a-half drive on a bad day), you can take the Metro into Baltimore or D.C. and have one heck of a day trip.

My step-daughter, a senior in high school, came up to visit us for the summer and today was her day of arrival. So at 8:30 a.m. this morning, the wife and I (and our five-year-old grandson) hopped in the family vehicle and drove to Owings Mills. Then we hopped aboard the Metro and went to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). We met Jearlene and afterward strolled through Lexington Market for lunch.

Lexington Market has quite a history. It is the world’s largest continuously running market and has provided a place for buyers and sellers to meet for 220 years. After the Battle of Lexington – you know, the U.S. won the war (and their independence from Britain) – General John Howard donated land that his family owned and so the market began. The Market survived a great fire in 1949 and stands today as a monument to economic freedom – and it’s just a train ride away from Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

Two hours, tops, and you can be in one of the most historic and thriving cities in the world: Baltimore, Md. And be back to Gettysburg in time for dinner and a nightcap.

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Day Tripping: How Many Directions Can You Go?

May 23rd, 2008 | Posted in Day Trips, Gettysburg, History, Maryland, Pennsylvania

Lancaster County isn’t the only place close enough to Gettysburg for a day trip. You can go in any direction and have a great time in just one day by automobile.

  • York
  • Hanover
  • Hershey
  • Harrisburg
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh

And there’s so much to do no matter where you go.

York, for instance, is just a few miles away and is a great place for a day tour. This historic town is the place where the U.S. Articles of Confederation were drafted. The White Rose City served as the capital of The Continental Congress and was the capital of the United States for a brief period during the Revolutionary War. You can still see historic buildings in place, including the tavern where Benjamin Franklin was known to have shared a beer with Marquis de LaFayette.

The Battle of Hanover landmark is just a short drive away (even closer than York) and provides a walking tour.

Hershey, affectionately called “The Sweetest Place On Earth” because this is where the most famous chocolate in the world is made, has a great amusement park for the whole family.

The state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, is a commuter’s distance from Gettysburg. Here you can find a Fire Museum, the National Civil War Museum, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, and Fort Hunter Mansion & Park. Plus, smaller towns in the area have great sites to visit as well.

Both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are a day drive away. In fact, they are so close to Gettysburg that Adams and York Counties are the two fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania because residents of Baltimore and D.C. are moving to this area and commuting south to their day jobs. You can drive just over the state line to Owings Mills, Maryland and take the Metro into either Baltimore or Washington D.C. and use the Metro anywhere you want to go while in either city. And there is lots to see and do!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is only 2 1/2 hours away and there is plenty to do here as well. Once the capital of the U.S., this is where the Liberty Bell resides and you can live and learn America’s history right here in one of the largest cities in the country.

Pittsburgh is a little further away – about 3 1/2 hours – but if you are up for the trip, you’ll have a blast!

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